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Together Peace is Possible!


Peace is Possible

Discover Peace Around the World!

Peace shows up in many different shapes, sizes, and attitudes everywhere on the planet.
AGVOP provides a space to share and link together in a powerful “Glocal” voice
Glocal: What’s happening Locally in your area can impact others Globally.
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Invitation to Peace

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Peace Intention

My intention is to hold a clear vision of peace for myself and the world.

Our minds are extremely powerful! How we think directly affects our moods, view of the world, and life!  Your words, thoughts, images, memory, and five senses evoke a certain feeling in setting an intention. 

When creating your clear vision of peace, be specific with what your heart desires.  

Sharing your vision world-wide at the same time, on a regular basis creates a Group energy which becomes a powerful connection to the intention and to each other.   

The more we share, the greater the possibility of peace!

Visit Lynne McTaggart about the Power of Intention.

Peace Intention