9-11 Memorial

Ground Zero

9-11 Memorial, New York City

Dedication of this website

to those who perished in 9-11-2001

Remembrance ~ Reminder ~ Renewal

On this day
May we hear the sounds of Peaceful Silence
As we Pray
For all Countries, Lands, Cultures, and Peoples from all Walks of life,
To Lay down their Arms of Battle
Lift up their Arms of Peace…
Embrace the wondrous Diversity of us All
Behold the awesome Oneness of Creation…

9 11 18 9 11 Pool White Structure Horiz

A White Behemoth Structure

Looms in contrast to the Black Pools... Could it represent
A Human spine broken open, its spirit not forgotten…
Phoenix rising from the ashes…
White Dove spreading its wings…
Yin/Yang of life… OR…?
As with most horrific acts against humanity,
Light, the antithesis of dark,
Shines with a stronger resolve for

water wall

Depicted with elegant and tasteful dignity...

I’m spellbound by the Ground Zero Memorial’s acute sensitivity to the Utter Loss & Determined Resiliency with a Spirit of Purposefulness.
I felt a powerful tsunami of Peace & Love wash over the area with Faith & Hope echoing out…
Today as Global Citizens we are being challenged…
Our Human Spirit is being called upon to do what it does best…
Survive, Revive, Thrive…
One Humanity… One World… One Planet…


Visiting both Pools of the 9-11 Memorial for the fifth year in a row,

my hands lay across each letter of the names engraved in the black granite.
The pain and remembrance hasn’t lessened. It still hurts to be here, to see these names. It still hurts to see white roses inserted in the black granite marking that person’s birthdate.
My tears merged with the millions of water drops disappearing into the central deep black hole. I vowed to honor their SPIRIT VOICES by bringing our individual voices of peace out to the world as...
A GLOBAL VOICE OF PEACE for all humanity to live in peaceful co-existence.
My determination for PEACE TO BE REALIZED strengthened.

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Boatlift, Narrated by Tom Hanks
An Untold Tale of 9/11 and Resilience

Out of the smoldering clouds of 9-11 destruction, people were innately there for one another without a moment of hesitation. They shed their cultures, race, status-in-life, religious affiliations, and differences.  Their core sense of rightness answered the call of those in need & created a sense of Peace and Purpose for all.

May we dig deep into our Inner Selves and reach out for the Resourcefulness that surrounds us in our daily lives as A Way to Peace

Watch and Be Inspired…
This Video depicts Humanity’s Core Essence…


My 1st visit to The Memorial Museum:

A World Below the Memorial Plaza

The deeper I descended into the lower levels of the Museum,

my insides turned inside out: a painful mixture of grief and anger for an unfathomable and despicable act using human lives as pawns in a twisted game of hatred.

Among the artifacts of ruins, A National Tribute Quilt provided an uplifting of the spirit. A wall of blue squares depicted the sky; photos lined a room, while family voices spoke the names of those who perished on 9-11; a hand-crafted Urn engraved with 2,977 names of lost lives …


My yearly visit to the Memorial

“The Survivor Tree”
A living symbol of
Resilience, Survival, Rebirth

From the rubble of 9-11 2001, workers uncovered a severely damaged single tree, charred from the fires, limbs reduced to stumps. Yet, somehow, the tree still bearing some leaves, showed signs of life.

The little lone tree was sent to the New York City Dept of Parks & Recreation where it was nurtured back to being a healthy Callery pear tree. Replanted at the 9/11 Memorial in December 2010, it bursts into magnificent blossoms each spring.

Memorial Glade Honors First Responders

Bordered by six large battered stones, the Glade is located near a temporary ramp that first responders used during the cleanup effort. Throughout the recovery, hundreds of thousands responders, survivors, workers and residents. were exposed to hazards and toxins in the air at and around the World Trade Center site, resulting in chronic illnesses and the deaths of thousands.

“The stones appear to jut up and out of the plaza as if violently displaced, and convey strength and resistance.” – Michael Arad, designer.
The 9/11 Memorial Glade was dedicated in their honor on May 30, 2019.

Photographer: Jin S. Lee
Visit Memorial Glade COM MAY30 GLADE

Gylian's Visit: Ground Zero October 2002

There wasn't a memorial, just scattered debris everywhere and bottomless holes. Unfathomable!
As I stared into the vastness of that empty space, time disappeared
replaced by an eerie feeling as if I was watching it happen again.
Now, surrounding the chainlinked fences, streets were lined with memorabilia,
photos of lost loved ones, flowers, and flags.

Gylian's Visit: Ground Zero August 2015 & 2016

When I returned in August 2015, the 9-11 Ground Zero Memorial and Oculus had been completed.
It was an emotional experience that I shared in my September 11, 2015 email.
On my 2016 visit, I descended into the underground Memorial Museum.
It was beyond anything I ever experienced, as expressed in my September 11, 2016 email.
During my yearly pilgrimage, the symbolism and meaning of the Memorial unfolded differently each time until 2019.
COVID prevented me from flying to New York 2020 & 2021.

Please visit the 9/11 Memorial website for an emotional yet uplifting tour of the site, the museum and all the programs offered. Every inch of this memorial was created with deep caring, thoughtfulness, and symbolic dignity honoring those whose spirits will be forever remembered.

The Architects of the Memorial. In January 2004, the design submitted by architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker titled, Reflecting Absence, was chosen.

The Oculus, the Hub’s Centerpiece  The White Structure hovering adjacent to Ground Zero was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.