Why AGVOP - Peace Initiatives


How many more memorial walls

do we need to remind us that

we MUST take action for peace now...

Each ONE of US!



World Trade Center attacks ignited a spark in me; a cry, a plea for world peace. Out of the depths of shock, rage, and anguish, I wrote A Global Voice of Peace Prayer that night, emailed it to friends and family. Since that night, the prayer, including peace initiatives, is emailed on the 11th of every month.  What ignites a spark in you?


The net of humanity

connects us all, as depicted in the story of Indra’s Net. At each node of the net, a sparkling jewel reflects something beautiful. Each of YOU is a jewel with a glimmer of an idea for peace; for a personal journey, for others, or for the planet. Share your reflection as part of a Collaborative Humanity energizing the World with Peace.

Me + You = We

A Global Voice of Peace is more than MY voice or YOUR voice, it’s ME + YOU = WE
a World Energy for change, for peace, for our lives now & into future generations. AGVOP is a hub, a conduit, connecting Peace Initiatives world-wide as seen on Peace of Place, Peace of Mind, Peace of Spirit.