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Join us

In gratitude for their inspiration,
encouragement, and support

of my 9-11 monthly emails:

Dr. Jean Houston, Peggy Rubin, Betty Rothenberger,
Mystery School, Social Artistry, Joyce North, Geo Hoffberg

 and all who shared and responded to my monthly emails

For sparking the idea of creating

 A GLOBAL VOICE OF PEACE website: Ari Shapiro

Together ~ Everyone ~ Achieves ~ Miracles

Gylian Solay

AGVOP Originator/Creative Directress

Ron Mayer

Web Developer

Lauraine Ayers-Briel

Graphic Designer

Julia Wurst

Social Media Manager

Kristen Yung


Beth Davis

Research Advisor

Roz Hugel


The World-wide Connectivity of
A Global Voice of Peace

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A Global Voice of Peace (AGVOP) is funded solely by Emergent Life Foundation LLC, Gylian Solay, owner, single-member.

Your Gifting goes directly to Emergent Life Foundation LLC for expenses related to the expansion of AGVOP’s mission. Our accountability is transparent.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated to expand AGVOPs vision of worldwide peace

Mahalo Hgs

Gylian Solay
A Global Voice of Peace recognizes that many of the peace organizations listed on this web site accept donations. Before donating to any organization, please verify its bona fides. A Global Voice of Peace embraces the well-intentioned efforts of everyone striving for peace, however, we make no endorsements.

9-11 A Global Voice of Peace Day of Gifting

to those lives directly impacted by 9-11

On the 11th of each month, someone will be chosen to receive your Gifting. Their name, photo and how they were impacted by 9-11, will appear on the AGVOP Gifting page and on that month’s AGVOP Newsletter.
Your generosity will lift their spirits by letting them know they are remembered. Mahalo hgs
$11.11 start with Peace … you are welcome to Gift more..

90% of each month’s Gifting will go directly to who is chosen for the month. 10% of each month goes to AGVOP’s research, vetting, and money transference.


AGVOP is a collaboration and we welcome your participation in any way that is fulfilling to you.
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