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Gylian Solay
Gylian Solay Meet Gylian
As a child, I was the pacifier in my parent’s relationship, creating harmony wherever and whenever possible. At the same time, I yearned for my own inner peace, as if there would be osmosis! 9-11-2001 happened, spewing forth questions about how to bring people together in peace, for myself and the world. My soul answered by creating A Global Voice of Peace emails that will continue, as the Connectivity of A Global Voice of Peace website evolves.
Lauraine Ayers-Briel
Lauraine Ayers-Briel Graphic Designer
Aloha, my name is Lauraine, proud mother of two stellar adult children and a menagerie of endearing animals. I have been raising my visual voice for over 30 years, from fine art to advertising, including graphic design for a variety of endeavors from food packaging to cultural and political campaigns. I live near the north shore of Maui and have known Gylian since she sparked this passion and began inciting peace.
Ron Mayer
Ron Mayer Web Designer & Developer
Innovative client-collaborative web design. A Washington DC area based Web Designer with over fifteen years of experience, Ron has lived in Boston, Kauai and Virginia. He provides affordable, easy to edit, mobile friendly Elementor Pro based WordPress sites to small businesses, photographers, artists, innovative thinkers, educational institutions, and non-profits across North America. Helping to share the vision of AGVOP.
Julia Wurst
Julia Wurst Social Media Manager
After being a stay-at-home mom with our delightful daughter for almost 5 years, I was ready to work again. COVID came and my husband was unemployed. After much thought and prayer, I created my own social media marketing business. A Global Voice of Peace became my second client. I love posting and conveying Peace is Possible! messages to the world weekly, inspiring us to make the changes we want to see in ourselves and in the world. Join AGVOP and read about incredible peace stories!
Kristen Yung
Kristen Yung Videographer
Kristen Yung is an Australian-born, post-baccalaureate, pre-medical student at Hawaiʻi Pacific University. Kristen received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Chinese Studies from the University of Sydney. Then she managed an Australian Bank branch and created her own Marketing and Career Coaching company by the age of 23, before finding her calling to medicine. When she’s not studying, she loves helping people grow their businesses with her graphic designs and videography.