The Future “IN” Film: What You See is What You Get!

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There seems to be a strong genre of movies depicting the future as gloom and doom, apocalyptic based plots and imagery. Will we turn into monsters or have to abandon earth and go into space? Without being Pollyanna, where’s the sun, a blue sky, something uplifting yet realistic? As we progress into the future, shift […]

Cindy Paulos and Gylian Solay, TALK PEACE


Cindy’s interview with Gylian, focused on how Gylian came to create A Global Voice of Peace. During the conversation, Gylian shared her multi-faceted journey of Peace in her personal and professional life, including working in a domestic violence shelter and offering avenues of peace to the women living there.  

SPOTLIGHT Series: Gender World: To Be or Who To Be

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Dr. Volker is a Gender Identity and Sexual Behavioral Lecturer, Teacher, Counselor, and Consultant who has also established numerous organizations helping individuals and their families gain understanding, acceptance, and compassion as they travel through the emotional terrain of their “Gender World”. Marilyn will shed light on the gender world with real people, real stories including […]