SPOTLIGHT Series: Gender World: To Be or Who To Be

With Marilyn K. Volker, Ed.D./Ph.D. Sexologist and Sexuality Educator

Dr. Volker is a Gender Identity and Sexual Behavioral Lecturer, Teacher, Counselor, and Consultant who has also established numerous organizations helping individuals and their families gain understanding, acceptance, and compassion as they travel through the emotional terrain of their “Gender World”.

Marilyn will shed light on the gender world with real people, real stories including parents, teens, and adults who have traversed this emotional terrain and will be on the interviews to share their stories.

Jessica Lam is a proud activist, educator, philanthropist and entrepreneur utilizing her skills and talents to help make a positive difference in this world.

If YOU have struggled with your own identity maybe you’ll find some answers here for yourself.

Thursday, Jan 14: Language & Labels: Terminology, meanings, differentiations. Introducing Your Sexual Identity: 4 Parts of Sexual Identity and their Complexities: Biology- Chromosomes/Body Development; Gender Identity- How you feel Internally; Gender Role-How you express Externally; Orientation-attraction, fantasy, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, sexual. Guest Speakers.

Thursday, Jan 21: Real People, Real Stories- Gender Variant Children who are born with different Chromosomes & Hormones & develop different brain and/or physical features. Transgender/Gender Neutral/Queer Teens/ Transgender Adults. Three Guest Speakers.

Thursday, Jan 28: Society Logistics- Legal Information: name change, wills, military information (female to male/male to a female).Job Transitioning: HR and staff training. Guest Speaker, Jessica Lam.

Thursday, Feb 4: Summation: What Did We Learn? What Do We Know/Don’t Know? Implications for the Future- Change Chromosome patterns?
A Time-Line from 1479BC to Present Time, explored Gender Identity and Transgender.

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