A Global Voice of Peace – Rallies for Ukraine Peace Now!

We, as a People, must come together and let our Global Voices of peace
Organize Peaceful gatherings and rallies in your community, for example: close your street for a small rally, invite neighbors and children, show support for Ukraine, have discussions about how you feel, what you want to do to help stop this unwanted unnecessary war.
televise/video these gatherings so Ukraine sees our world-wide support.

Every idea, big and small, counts to make a difference
Whatever Stirs You to Take Action on Peace, Please do it NOW
Let us know what’s happening in your area, your comments, thoughts, etc

On March 5, from 4-6 pm Hawaii time, I (Gylian) sent out flyers for neighbors to gather. Neighbors gathered in my driveway and shared their sadness, frustration, upset about Ukraine.   What can we do?… we can’t have a world war.

I suggested saying what’s in our hearts.  One at a time, each person said a prayer or intention or expressed an image of safety for Ukraine and all its people & other countries including our own . We sang some peace songs, and ended with a hug circle sending off our loving energy.

After everyone left, the heaviness in my heart was replaced by feeling our shared energies, prayers and love connecting to every leaf, insect, creature and person on this planet, carried through the air to Ukraine and wherever people are suffering.  May it be so!!

“I’ve received many emails from people, blaming either US or Russia for their role in the Ukraine situation.
I don’t trust the propaganda and information from any side.
For me what’s horrific is that innocent people have been pawns in the game of economics and the need for controlling power that all the super powers play out in too many countries.
How can people from all countries and cultures connect and collaborate to create a strong bond of peaceful actions to ward off the offenders?”

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