An Invitation to Peace-Spur of the Moment & A Willing Heart

Cast a Safety Net for A Stranger! What stories pulled your heart strings?

When Julia and I were discussing the 1-to-1 gifting for the newsletter, it was a “Spur of the Moment Heartstrings YES” without anything expectations of an outcome. When I hear from the person I gifted, there’s this sense of knowing them, being part of their life, and seeing how my money helped them do whatever it was they needed to do in their life… and it has a ripple effect, just like Wayan, my little Bali girl. People heard her story and are now supporting other children. Wayan and I have been sharing letters and gifts for the past 16 yrs. She is traveling the world, meeting people and supporting herself.

Ten years after receiving the car, the recipients of that car recanted the story to Julia, remembering how that gifting was so pivotal in their lives.

Your heartstrings are pulled, and your “inside knowing” allows that spontaneous YES, I’m going to help that person in that situation. One little act with one person or one family has this major ripple effect in their lives and yours.

Let us know your experience as the recipient or as a giver…

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