LIFE is Precious

Peace of Spirit

The on-going uncertainty, open/close world, doesn’t allow time to catch our breath, feel some sanity, some normalcy before it closes in on us again. Ignoring it, getting angry, and frustrated hurts you more.  It’s important to allow ourselves to be honest, real and voice it.

Below are some ways I deal with these times…

  • Intention Circle
    A small group of us meet weekly on zoom. We’re forward thinkers to uplift ourselves and the planet. However, the majority of us seemed to be weighed down by a cloud of frustration, grief and sadness which is unusual for us. All the pandemic’s uncertainties of life left us feeling isolated and shut out. One by one we allowed ourselves to go to that place, be honest, real and voice it. I felt a tender sweetness and gentleness in how we shared the universality and depths of where we are.

  • Gylian’s AAA’s:
    When I feel stuck, tied up in knots, obsessing about an issue or situation or something I can’t put my finger on, I turn to my AAA’s: ACKNOWLEDGE, ACCEPT, ALLOW what is, whether I like it or not!
    Most of the time expressing this to myself and then others, lifts the burden, the cloud of despair.   I also use it when I am feeling great and want to anchor that in.
     Gylian’s 3 AAA’s 

  • Breathwork Circle
    I attend a 1-hour weekly session on zoom of Breathwork which brings me to a deep dream state. When I awake, my perspective has shifted, allowing for new thoughts and possibilities to appear. Breathwork Circle 

  • Every Moment of LIFE is Precious
    What if this was my last moment? How would I like to feel, what thoughts would I like to have? I hold that in my heart and also share it with others.

Share with us, how you are coping at this time.  It may be of comfort to you as well as others. A shared experience is very soothing and healing.

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