The on-going uncertainty, open/close world, doesn’t allow time to catch our breath, feel some sanity, some normalcy before it closes in on us again. Ignoring it, getting angry, and frustrated hurts you more.  It’s important to allow ourselves to be honest, real and voice it.

Below are some ways I deal with these times…

Share with us, how you are coping at this time.  It may be of comfort to you as well as others. A shared experience is very soothing and healing.

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  1. Early on in the pandemic, when one by one everything I love and enjoy doing was either cancelled or moved to Zoom, I felt an unfamiliar pounding in my chest, which I later identified as anxiety. I remember so clearly, and will forever, how the anxiety in my chest propelled me to pray and ask for guidance. At that moment I heard a voice say “there is no pandemic between me and God. I have always been your guide, and that will continue.” From that moment on I replaced the anxiety with these four MUST HAVE NEEDS for me to maintain balance, with the intention of moving through this pandemic with some ease and grace: #1. Eat Healthy food #2 Get good sleep #3 Swim 3-4 days a week #4 Have a sense of humor. I use these 4 MUST HAVE NEEDS as a “barometer check-in” which has been immensely helpful.

    I have also been doing yoga meditation every morning at sunrise almost my entire life, adding a daily prayer for the children and for the environment. Praying for others helps me remember that we are all in this together, and that together we will get through this. I am reminded of a mantra I have been saying to myself for decades, but only now do I understand what it really means:

    “Act Well Your Part, for their All Honor Lies.”

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